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writing-intensive courses

Proposing a New W-Course

Across the School of Arts and Sciences, faculty members design and teach W-courses that integrate writing thoroughly into the semester’s learning experiences. Interested faculty may propose a new writing-intensive course, or seek the W designation for an existing course, by submitting a proposal to the Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Council. Proposals are reviewed each fall and spring semester by the College Writing Board.

Deadline. Course proposals must be submitted to the Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Council by November 1 for the subsequent summer and fall terms, and by March 15 for the subsequent spring term.

Documentation. In addition to the materials required by Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Council, W-course proposals must include the following documents:

1. A schedule of writing assignments;
2. Two complete assignment handouts;
3. A brief explanation of the scheduled revision; and
4. An outline of projected in-class writing activities.

Consultation. Faculty members who are designing or revising writing-intensive courses are welcome to consult with Beth Matway or other members of the College Writing Board before submitting their proposals. The CWB will also preview any draft proposals sent to two weeks before the deadline.

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